Famous Fingerprints


?Susan B. Anthony

Life Purpose: Woman with a Message
Life Lesson: Emotional Connection
School: Love
Formula: Open your heart to your message so you can bring it to the world.

Susan B.'s fingerprints, with their nine Loops and one Whorl are as straight forward as any set of fingerprints can be. Woman with a Message, A Message with Heart; that is the Exalted possibility for this pioneering suffragette. If anyone's life can be summed up in a short phrase, there it is. Raised a Quaker, she spent the first fifteen years of her professional life as a teacher. When she was not allowed to speak at temperance rallies because of her gender, she became outraged and took off on her own, traveling the country to lecture on women's rights and the abolition of slavery. SBA always had her Message from the Heart but now she had the fire and charisma to reach her larger audience.