Famous Fingerprints


?Lee Harvey Oswald

Life Purpose: Influential Author / High Achiever with a Message
Life Lesson: Guilt Issues (Especially associated with Family / Community Disapproval)
Soul Initiation: Service

LHO's chart reveals a complex Life Lesson with a double participation of Saturn plus Left Thumb and Left Apollo. When multiples occur, the standard procedure is to emphasize whichever finger is doubled up, in this case Saturn. If you do so for LHO you place extra weight on his sense of Not Being OK, Issues of Guilt, Appropriate Behaviors, etc. And you would be correct, up to a point. However, whenever Left Apollo appears as part of a complex Life Lesson, experience has taught me that in most cases it will work best to emphasize its role in the person's life movie. If you do that with LHO, placing 1/3 of the emphasis on Not OK in the Family or Community (Double Saturn plus Left Thumb) and the other 2/3 weight on feelings of I Don't Belong (Left Apollo), I believe you get a good approximation of what must have been the dominant theme of the inner dialogue of JFK's assassin.

Attempts to live in Russia during the height of the Cold War, handing out Marxist pamphlets on the street corners of New Orleans, stalking episodes and failed associations with the CIA (regardless of the truth or untruth of conspiracy theories) all point to a man who could never find his place on this planet, anywhere. Conversely, check out LHO's Life Purpose: Big Shot with a Message. Was this how LHO saw his role in history? Or would his Life Purpose Inverse, Muted Small Shot, be closer to the truth? Jack Ruby rendered these questions largely unanswerable, but Lee Harvey Oswald's fingerprints offer tantalizing testimony to the inner workings of this mostly shadow figure who had such an effect on world history.