Famous Fingerprints


?Richard Nixon

Life Purpose: Effective Leader + Inspiration
Life Lesson: Family / Community Guilt
Soul Initiation: Service

Service is the Life Purpose for RMN but Family Guilt is the Life Lesson. Those old enough or intimately familiar with U.S. history can review his Checkers Speech and his You Won't Have Richard Nixon to Kick Around Anymore Speech in a new light. And his known to everyone Enemies List - here is the President of the United States of America plotting revenge against all his brothers and sisters who were willing to cut the turkey without him! Of course it all boomeranged. RMN's paranoid insecurity culminated in his resignation - the ultimate Community Guilt.

Indulge my imagination and your own for a moment and consider an alternative, more exalted RMN possibility. Years after his successful second term, the celebrated former President is head of the prestigious World Peace Forum. Now in his seventies, seeking to finish writing his memoirs and spend more time with the grandkids, this Mr. Nixon faces a new set of challenges.

Service is thriving and Life Purpose satisfaction is brimming over, but fingerprint issues never go away. Nixon's daughters, Trish and Julie, are both interested in taking over the WPF and as he walks to his study, he knows he must decide today whether to pass the leadership to a family member (either or both of his daughters) or would Ms. X be the better choice? A difficult decision, but this RMN is used to difficult decisions of this type and we trust he will bring the same Integrity Factor into play that had been the hallmark of his Presidency. Wouldn't that have been an exalted U.S. history to look back upon?