Famous Fingerprints


?Martin Luther King

Life Purpose: Mentor / Role Model with a Message for the World
Life Lesson: Closeness / Emotional Authenticity
Soul Initiation: Service from the Heart

The right hand often represents the part of a person shown to the world, the left hand reveals more private information.

Martin Luther Kings right hand has an extended rectangular shape with a low set (near the wrist) exit point for the thumb. The ball of the thumb (The Mount of Venus) is significantly enlarged forcing the Life Line to move a full half-inch further towards the outer percussion than usual. The ring finger is almost as long as the middle finger and the little finger is partially curled in. There are some other line markings also visible but this is plenty to work with, especially since MLK's fingerprints were available from FBI archives.

The extended rectangular hand reveals MLK's philosophic inclinations but no hand exactly fits any predetermined mold. The long Apollo suggests a person who needs to be center stage and the enlarged Venus shows a sensual nature that will not be denied. By themselves, they indicate a Hollywood Starlet type, but which is the real MLK? The philosopher or the starlet? The man who made the immortal I Have a Dream Speech at the reflecting pool needed plenty of each ingredient to fulfill his destiny.