What Is Hand Analysis?

Hand analysis is the modern form of the ancient art of palmistry. Whereas palmistry is defined as foretelling the future from the lines of your palm, hand analysis seeks to further self- understanding through an examination of the entirety of your hands.

Because each pair of hands are a self portrait drawn from deep within, to have your hands read is to lift the veil, to stare deep into the truth mirror, to stand revealed before your very eyes. A hand reading shows you who you are today and who you can be.

Your hand analyst will examine the overall shape of your palm and fingers to determine your basic temperament, your thumb to see you how you "get things under your thumb," and the twelve zones of the fingers to see personality strengths and weaknesses. The lines in your palm will be examined to determine your basic wiring: the type of emotional system you have, what kind of computer you possess, which nervous system type you are, etc. Talents and hidden motivations will be revealed.

Both hand shape and lines change over time, but there is a part of your hands unaltered from five months prior to birth: your fingerprints. Like an acorn containing within it a picture of the oak tree it may become someday, your fingerprints reveal your Life Purpose.

By comparing the original imprint revealed in your fingerprints with the dynamic map of your personality and character shown in the lines and hand topography, a hand reading gives perspective to your current circumstances in relation to the big picture of your life story.

Ordering A Hand Reading Consultation

Life Reading 1 1/2 hours $350

Your hand reader will examine hand shape, line formations and fingerprints to bring your life story into perspective.

Contact Richard Unger at: and he will contact you regarding your reading.

LifePrints Computer Report $49.95

LifePrints, the collaborative work of over a dozen members of the IIHA, is now available to the public for Life Purpose and Life Lesson reports.

Contact Richard at: