Famous Fingerprints


?Amelia Earhart

Life Purpose: Live Your Passions
Life Lesson: Dot your iii's, cross your ttt's
School: Love
Formula: Do what your heart tells you to do, but don't forget to check your gas gauge

The the hand print and fingerprints above belong to the famous aviatrix Amelia Earhart. It is difficult to appreciate the utter fascination and hero worship associated with the aviation pioneers of the early twentieth century, but send your imagination back between the World Wars and picture the newsreel and newspaper accounts of a lone female adventurer going where no woman had gone before. Amelia's strong Via Lascivia (the half moon shaped line curving from the Moon to inside the Life Line by the wrist), nick-named the line of Icarus by Vernon Mahavel, is connected to her Fate Line and serves to highlight her exploratory nature. Combined with her Live Your Passions Life Purpose, her career choice is less than shocking.

But note the high set Jupiter finger (in short, extra pride) and her Right Saturn Life Lesson and we have the ingredients for a tragic fate of Icarus-ian standards. At her best, Amelia would courageously step outside the normal boundaries, escaping societal pressures that would unfairly restrict her freedom. But her own best friend, her willingness to bend the rules, could also be her worst enemy. As I saw her handprints for the first time and read her fingerprints with its Right Saturn Life Lesson, I realized that Amelia was just the type of woman to go outside the lines one time too often. Her ultimate destiny remains a mystery to this day but her hands bear testimony to a fatal flaw strong enough to bring her down: Amelia - please - check your gas gauge. It may be too far to the next gas station and the price for running on empty may be more than you bargained for.