Famous Fingerprints


?Dwight D. Eisenhower

Life Purpose: Famous Big Shot, Effective Leader
Life Lesson: Emotional Connection
School: Service
Formula: Your heart is the key to unlocking big success. Big success is the key to unlocking your True Service.

Now here is an interesting threesome: Dwight David Eisenhower, Charles Manson and Albert Einstein. (I got DDE's fingerprints from Andre Washington, Manson's (and Ted Bundy's) from Crime and Mental Disease in the Hand by Paul Gabriel Tesla and Albert Einstein came via. K. Foong from Malaysia.) Imagine being on a deserted island with these three fellows to keep you company. Never mind. All three have fingerprint patterns that, although not identical, have more in common than one might have guessed.

Dwight has a standard Big Shot Life Purpose with Whorls on both Jupiters favoring the Leadership side of the equation. Had the fingerprint chart been reversed, Whorls on both Apollo fingers and a single Whorl on Right Jupiter, the interpretation would be Influential Artist as the Life Purpose and, no doubt, someone else would have been in charge of the D Day invasion. In this case, the Apollo Whorl is more about the type of stage his Leadership requires. Famous, In the Spotlight, Effective Leadership is Dwight's fulfillment point if he can pass some of his Emotional Developmental courses at the Earth University. Apparently he did.

Effective Leaders have learned to delegate responsibilities to appropriate underlings. Even if Dwight were the best cannon cleaner in the whole darn army, even if clean cannons save lives, the free world cannot afford to have the head of all European operations exposed on the front lines. If you have fingerprints like Dwight's, you too will have to find the appropriate application of your true talents.

Manson's fingerprints are not all that different than Dwight's. Count the Radial Loop on Left Jupiter in with the Whorls and you get Famous Leadership as the Life Purpose. In this case, however, the Loops based Life Lesson must have presented a greater obstacle to development than for DDE. The usual Life Purpose Inverse for Famous Leaders would be feelings of Powerless-I-Don't-Belong. Given the circumstances of Charles Manson's life that sounds about right, although one might surmise Charlie felt pretty good being the guru to his merry band.

Albert Einstein's fingerprints include Whorls in all the same places as DDE plus a few extra, the important addition being the Whorl on Left Saturn, the mark of The Mentor. Put it all together and you get High Achiever in the Spotlight + The Mentor. Albert's Life Lesson is about Speaking Out in the World (The EF Hutton Challenge). Did you know that Albert had written FDR encouraging the building of the atom bomb despite his reservations about using it; that in the 1950's Albert had marched for and spoken out in favor of civil rights? Apparently, at some point, Albert found his voice and brought his Life Purpose forward.