Famous Fingerprints


?J. Edgar Hoover

Life Purpose: Passionate Artist Successful in the World / The Individualist Life Lesson: Emotional Authenticity
Soul Initiation: Emotional Connection

We now know that J. Edgar Hoover kept a large file on Albert Einstein (and numerous other perceived threats to America) and his fingerprints shown above provide a fascinating footnote to the topic of Power and Influence. Dossiers were collected by the FBI, sexual behaviors catalogued and used for intimidation as part of the Red Menace and Law and Order eras of U.S. politics. How ironic then that J. Edgar was himself a homosexual living in the closet. With his Passionate Individualist Life Purpose, did he get some kind of Hot Potato thrill clamping down on other passionate individualists while his passions skirted detection? That is something upon which we can only speculate, but his fingerprints suggest it could well be the case.