Famous Fingerprints


Theadore Bundy

Life Purpose: Passionate Artist / Passionate Individualist
Life Lesson: Power with Integrity
School: Love
Formula: Find your power and unlock the creativity that is the key to your happiness.

The Life Lesson for Ted Bundy, ar anyone with a low ranking print on left Saturn, must include a a trip to Power Gone Wrong. Guilt, either over-deployed or under-deployed (power without conscious restraint), is the inevitable training ground for owners of prints like these. This is my own Life Lesson and, the challenges afforded by this aspect of my Soul Psychology have been my life long companions. I find it particularly compelling to look into the hands of someone who has wrestled with the same Gremlin and did so poorly.

Note the unformed Star of Apollo - creative energies fully available for Life Purpose fulfillment but never used as such.

I wonder what thoughts and images passed through Ted's twisted psyche. Did he believe that his murders were the Exaltation of Power without Apology? Did he aspire to ever more perfect murders as the expression for his Passionate Artist/Individualist Life Purpose? Is there anything the average person can learn from his life and death?



With Left Saturn or both Saturn fingers as the high or low ranking fingerprints it is your life assignment to operate at the highest levels of Integrity in both your professional and personal worlds, ultimately creating a desire in others to emulate your behavior. This is one of the toughest challenges available at the Earth University; an almost unreasonably high personal growth component required. For this reason, if The Mentor does come to the fore, it tends to reach its Main Sequence expression later in life (late forties or early fifties) rather than earlier. This is as it should be. After all, we can't have just anybody setting the standard for others to follow.
Despite its long gestation period, for successful Mentors, a close inspection is likely to reveal that the Mentor theme has been in operation as far back as your sandbox days. You probably helped several four year olds learn to share their toys and not pull hair when upset. If your own existence seems to be taking too long coming together, patience is the recommendation. You are probably right on schedule.
For some, The Mentor does its coming of age at the workplace (i.e. Elementary School Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Sales Trainer). For others, there is no formal title or position. The team member that everyone looks to for advice, the caring parent or grandparent, the wise elder statesman; all could be examples of The Role Model in action. Regardless of the arena of operation, the key for Mentors is Integrity and Self Worth, especially when circumstances make this the hardest thing in the world to do.

As a Role Model trainee, it is in your interest to find excellent role models of your own to help prepare you for the rigors of this life path. You will no doubt discover, if you haven't done so already, that you find it impossible to work for or with any person or organization that does not take a strong ethical stance. In the long run, however, no matter how much you learn from and admire your teachers, it is your destiny to break away and develop on your own. Ironically, if you do well, you will find yourself in the reverse position: watching your own protégés breaking away from your stewardship. If, by then, your wisdom allows you to see this process from the larger perspective, their departure can proceed unimpeded by any need of yours to maintain control over your flock.

The Chauffer

Fred's plan was to become wealthy, very wealthy. While other kids were playing with dolls and baseballs, Fred was making money mowing lawns, cleaning cars and selling lemonade on the golf course. At ten years old, he wasn't allowed on the golf course, of course, but Fred was ambitious and charming. He often made more in tips than in lemonade sales before he eventually would be escorted off by the powers that be. As he went through school, he kept to his vision and, as he explained in the Life Purpose Workshop, he had become wealthier then even he had imagined. Now fifty-two, Fred was looking for his next challenge.

Most of the students in Fred's Life Purpose Class were looking for a change of life as well. Take Sally. Sally was smart, single and on the way up. As she explained, she had left the small town in which she had grown up - in disgrace - because of her 'failure' to marry The One her parents had their hearts set on. Now, gainfully employed but still childless at the advanced age of twenty-five, she finally felt in control of her life. Sort of. As the workshop unfolded, it became clear that Sally was slipping into the same predicament with her current boss as she had with her parents. Caught between her need for family connection and her need for freedom, Sally was getting sucked into his expectation machinery just assuredly as she had been with her parents back in East Frasalia.

Sally was the youngest in the workshop and Fred seemed to take her under his wing. "Do what someone else wants or get out of town." That's how Fred put it to Sally. "Be careful you don't let that program reinforce itself so strongly you cannot do anything but." Sally nodded her understanding, thanking Fred for putting it all into such an easy to remember phrase.

Despite Fred's ability to be a resource for Sally and everyone else at the workshop, he couldn't seem to get untracked on his own goals. As much as he enjoyed the weekend and had been an asset for all in attendance, we were getting near the close and Fred was still without a plan for his own future. Then it hit him like a ton of bricks.

"Something has been stirring around inside and I couldn't get my finger on it until right now. It had been staring me in the face all weekend and, I guess, all year since I sold my company but it only came together this instant. Is it all right if I tell a little story?"

I wanted to hear Fred's story as much as everyone else in the room. Fred went on.

"When I was twenty-two I worked as a chauffer for a wealthy and difficult elderly man. I was young, my wife was pregnant and this was the only job I could find. My boss was irritating but he grew on me over time and vice versa and after a while I became his personal assistant at his brokerage business." "Sort of Driving Miss Daisy goes to Wall Street," chimed in Sally. Everyone laughed, including Fred. "You've got the picture. In two years he taught me everything he knew and that was how I made my fortune. But here is the part that just came to me today. As he was dying he asked if I would do him one favor. He had given me everything he had to give and I told him I would do whatever he asked. He asked me to do the same for someone else as he had done for me. I agreed. He made me promise and I did so gladly but until this morning that promise had been lost in my memory somewhere. Earlier this weekend, you told me my fingerprints had The Mentor in them. I thought that sounded nice but it didn't really click until this moment. Thank you all for listening. Now I know what I want to do with the rest of my life."