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Your life purpose is In Your Fingerprints!

To know your Life Purpose is to see the Big Picture, to understand the significance of past events and current circumstances and to see your own role in the unfolding of your life story.

More than a set of core values or a worthy goal, your Life Purpose is your Right Life, your reason for being.

Finding and living your Life Purpose is the single most important thing you can ever do.

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The International Institute of Hand Analysis was founded by Richard Unger in 1985 to expand the role of hand analysis in the world.

  This will blow your mind. IIHA faculty member, ?Pascal Stoessel is recorded predicting someone is a film director and guessing the theme of their movies just by interpreting the hand print and fingerprints. The result, Markus Imhoof, an oscar nominated director whose purpose in life is to get people in touch with their humanity. This was accomplished using a method by the IIHA of first recognizing the personality traits of a certain hand shape and then combining the fingerprints. Click here for more information about The 500 hand project.