Ronelle Destiny Testimonials

Ronelle hit the ball right out of the park! I cheered and hollered at the top of my lungs for -- FINALLY -- gaining clarity on my life's purpose after working on discovering it for more than 25 years. I've searched for it high and low, too ... and have literally invested thousands of hours and dollars in my mission. But seeing it in my fingerprints? It's never been suggested to look there and I've been advised and counseled by those charging as much as $600/hr! I got so much value from this easily accessible book that I can honestly say, with full integrity from my heart, the information contained in it has the power to transform your personal reality and thus the world has the opportunity to be transfigured. What a blessing! Ronelle may have hit the homerun, but she's offered everyone the realization that they can do the same! I can't thank this author enough for making this work available, especially in these changing times where answers are few and questions are abundant. Rain-Olympia, WA-Amazon Reader Review.

As a hand analyst and personal growth consultant for the past 20 years, I've longed for a book that takes the transformative and phenomenal work of Richard Unger and puts itliterallyin the hands of everyone. This is that book.

With beautiful prose, touching examples and anecdotes, and a wealth of grounded psychological framing, "Destiny at Your Fingertips" opens the door to one of the most persistent "knockings" of the human experience: Who Am I and What Am I Here For?

I am using this book in my work with clients, and would recommend it for anyone in the career counseling, psychology, coaching, personal growth, spiritual direction, or mentoring fields...or if you're just on a personal quest! Elizabeth Bothwell-Portland, OR-Amazon Review

Dear Ronelle: Just a few words from me in Denmark reading your book and analyzing my own fingerprints! I´m still just in the middle of trying to read about my life purposes....and yet it´s already mind blowing and so clear and a real eye opener for me. What I´ve known and been told by others is now getting so clear to me. I´m enjoying the relief of understanding more of myself through my hands. It´s a pleasure to read your explanations about each Life Purpose. The book is so well-written. Thank you for that! So glad to be in this process! Gudni

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