Life Prints Testimonial Review 11-07-07

Must Have for your Soul's Journey!, November 7, 2007

By Margaret Arvidson "pegkd" (Alexandria, VA)
Concise and to the point.

I've been so pleased to have been able to study with a Master Teacher from the International Institue of Hand Analysis for the past three years. My hand analysis has given me great insight into myself and compassion -- for myself and those I come in contact with everyday.

This book is a great tool for those looking for greater insight and harmony into living their life purose. The experience and guidance that Unger brings to this work is phenomenal. It's clear that he is doing his life's purpose each time he reads hands and offers empathetic guidance to those struggling to live their best life.

I've been working with and observing my own hands, my purpose, my lesson and my school since 2005, but reading this book has added deeper insight to what's been swirling around in my hands, and for that I'm grateful.

It's also a wonderful first step for anyone interested in pursuing the science of hand analysis on a deeper level. An absolute must-have for those on their soul's journey in the 21st Century.
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