Destiny Testimonial Review 4-22-09

Taking personal development to the next level, April 22, 2009
By Ben (Ohio)

This review is from: Destiny at Your Fingertips: Discover the Inner Purpose of Your Life & What It Takes to Live It

Most self-help, personal development books have started to sound the same...that is why this was so refreshing to read. Of course I may be a little bit biased in my review. I have been studying handreading/palmistry for the past couple of years and have also had the pleasure of a Life Purpose reading from the author via an internet forum. The great thing about Ronelle's book is that you can benefit if you want some simple direction in life or if you are a student of the art of handreading. Since understanding my own Life Purpose from my fingerprints, I have experienced a much greater awareness of myself and have passed on the knowledge from this technique to those closest to me. It is fascinating, descriptive, and well-written. If you are looking to understand yourself on a much deeper level, give it a try. If you enjoy handreading and palmistry, it is a 'must have'. Great job Ronelle.
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