Life Prints Testimonial Review 11-27-07

1:Much has been written about finding and living a life on purpose, and the last few years have seen the published literature on this topic grow. If you have been searching for your true and unique purpose in life, throw out those other books. This is the only one you will need.

Lifeprints author Richard Unger has devised a revolutionary and reliable method for identification of your true life purpose. Using his method, the answer to the question, "Why am I here?" is right at the tips of your fingers. Literally.

Your fingerprint patterns, unalterable and unchanging since 5 months prior to your birth, are coded in your DNA. Recent scientific research into our genetic makeup has revealed that many personality traits are also hardwired in your DNA. Unger's Lifeprints method for using the fingerprint patterns to determine which of those traits are driving your search for meaning could not be simpler or more elegant.

Based on more than 25 years of research, Unger lays out his method in terms that are clear and easy to grasp. As simple as identifying which of the four basic fingerprint types you have, how many of each you have, and which fingers they appear on, Unger guides you step-by-step to determination of your unique life purpose. He affirms his technique with examples and stories of real people he has advised using his Lifeprints technique, and he does it with a wise and gentle humor that will ring true with anyone who has traveled the road towards self-awareness.

In addition to the how-to steps, Unger presents an "archetypal language" for understanding what it takes to get on track with your unique life purpose. Not just general advice, Unger offers specific skill requirements, checklists and formulas for the most common life purpose scenarios. He illustrates what it looks like to be living in mastery of your purpose as well how to know if you are still "in training." In chapter five, Unger guides you in creating your own Life-Fulfillment Formula and provides exercises to help you deepen your understanding. As an added bonus, he includes case studies using the fingerprints of famous figures.

If you've ever yearned for an "owner's manual" for how to get the most out of life, this is it. Lifeprints is a blueprint for life. An owner's manual for your life!, November 27, 2007

By Leslie Zemenek "handreader" (British Columbia)
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