The Year Long Certification Training

The Year Long is a unique opportunity to learn more about yourself as you develop a skill that helps you and those whose hands you read to a life of greater meaning and fulfillment. The Year Long has four main focal points:

  • Mastering the Hands Data Base
  • Journey of Self Discovery
  • Communications Skills
  • Group Work

Each weekend will include:
Participatory lecture on new elements of the hand analysis data base
Hi-Speed pattern recognition program
Small group print practice with close-in tutoring
Hand reading presentations + peer group and teacher critique
Dice Work: combination practice leading to multiple combinations
90-Minute readership skills module
Review and discussion of soul psychology in your own life
(LifePrints Workbook)

Each student receives 6 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring
Students meet between classes in small study groups; review homework, discuss
LifePrints Workbook exercises, practice reading hand prints.

Students are required to read 100 hands for certification.

Tuition: $8,000 (Payment program available)

Dates: March 23-25; May 24-26; July 26-28; Sept 28-30; Nov 29-Dec 1; Jan 31-Feb 2

Richard Unger Alana Unger Pascal Strossel Janet Savage Ronelle Coburn Nadia Tumas Roberta Coker