The Advanced Hand Analyst Program- Graduate Study

Take your hand reading skills to the next level and deepen your ability to help people re-shape their lives. Learn to recognize and interpret the most important advanced hand shape archetypes. Improve your communications skills. Use the Action and Accountability Process to integrate your own Life Purpose and Life Lesson ever more fully into the fabric of your everyday life.

  • Improved Communications Skills
  • Introduction to the Archetypal Hand Shape Combinations
  • Hi-Speed Pattern Recognition Practice

Once pattern recognition is established, we will discuss each hand shape archetype in conjunction with different Life Purposes and Life Lessons. If you are doing short readings, spotting and knowing these advanced hand shape archetypes is your instant way in. If you are doing a longer reading, you can get much more specific about your clients behaviors, behaviors they can see in themselves but never so clearly as when you name and describe the archetype. If you are working over time with your client, threading the advanced archetypes good news and bad to their Life Purpose and Life Lesson gives you and your client extra avenues to work on creating the life they really want to be living.

  • Integrating Your Own Life Purpose and Life Lesson

Class Outline:

  • Hand Shape Archetypal Combinations: Overview and Theory
  • Hi-Speed Pattern Recognition + Data Base
  • Advanced Fingerprint Analysis using the Archetypal Combinations
  • More on the Major and Minor Lines
  • Certification Testing
  • Composites

Tuition: $8,000 (payment plan available)

Richard Unger Alana Unger Pascal Strossel Janet Savage Ronelle Coburn Nadia Tumas Roberta Coker