IIHA Faculty


Roberta A Coker

IIHA Master Hand Analyst & Master Teacher

Only you have the power to make yourself truly happy, but we, here at the IIHA, are here to help you get there, in a BIG way!  I like to call what I do with you serious fun. So, whether it’s through coaching or in a training, some of the information you get is “cool and exciting” and a lot of it is deep, very profound, and probably life-changing..

I am a Certified Master Hand Analyst and Master Teacher and have been practicing with individuals, couples, families, groups, businesses and corporations professionally since 1996. I have been a respected faculty member of the International Institute of Hand Analysis since 2000 providing individual tutoring as well as public classroom instruction on Hand and Fingerprint Analysis. Having analyzed more than 10,000 pairs of hands to date, I am an extremely competent personal life coach, workshop leader and retreat facilitator, as well as a popular international public presenter and motivational speaker.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “silver bullet”. However, Hand and Fingerprint Analysis allows access to information on such a profound level that this work often times takes less than half the time other systems take and we achieve even greater results!.

Please visit my website: www.HandDynamics.com to learn more about my coaching packages and current IIHA training opportunities.

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