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Jena Griffiths

BA. BSc (Psychology)  BSc Hons (Geography), Postgraduate Certificate in Education, IIHA Certified Master Hand Analyst.

"What me, have my hands read? You must be kidding! This was my first reaction when a friend suggested that I have my hands and fingerprints analysed. I had explored this field as a teenager but hadn't yet heard of Richard Unger or IIHA hand analysis or how it was different. Having my hands analysed by Richard was a real eye-opener. I was astonished at what could be addressed in so short a space of time. Suddenly various aspects of my personality made sense and everything clicked together. I felt I had to learn how to do this myself and share this knowledge with others. Then, surprisingly, the universe collaborated, and suddenly Richard was running a yearlong and then later an advanced yearlong right on my doorstep in Switzerland. I't's been nearly a decade and I'm still fascinated with hands.

What do I love most about hand analysis?

It opens a vast window into the psyche. Helping us see, understand and unlock human potential like never before.

The IIHA system, which combines Lifeprints fingerprint analysis with archetypal hand shapes, is, without doubt, the single most powerful self assessment tool I've ever come across.  Nothing else comes close."

is an IIHA certified Master Hand Analyst with 10 years full time experience consulting and teaching. Jena also writes a lively, content rich hand analysis blog  - ongoing since early 2007. In 2010 Jena founded Earth School  where she  hosts "Tuesdays with Richard", a weekly radio show with Richard Unger, exploring various aspects of his work with fellow hand analysts.

Feedback from a professional hand analyst:
"Jena really knows her stuff. Having worked with her on the Earth School interviews for four and a half years, I have been continuously impressed with Jena's super-accurate knowledge of the extensive data base on lines, fingerprints and hand shapes. More impressive, her practiced eye on hand shape pattern recognition, including rarely seen hand types, is exemplary. To learn hands from Jena is to learn from an expert."

-Richard Unger, Director IIHA

Jena grew up in South Africa and has degrees in psychology, geography and anthropology from the University of Cape Town and post graduate diplomas in education and environmental impact assessment and courses in counseling psychology.

She was SA triathlon champ in 1989 and South Africa's top cyclist in the late 80's and early 90's. She pioneered women's cycling in South Africa and was also an award winning copywriter.

In 1996 Jena took a 6 month sabbatical from work to 'go sailing' and never turned back. She has since then sailed around the world, one third of it with a toddler.

During her life long adventures she has lived in villages in Africa as a community worker, gained a pilot's licence,  a yacht master certificate and a scuba instructor's lisence.

These days Jena lives in Canton Zurich, Switzerland and focuses on hands and awakening people to their potential. She consults in Zurich and online. Her articles have been published in numerous magazines.

"I've studied far too much during my life, got lost far too often and would certainly never have seen what was right under my nose if it hadn't been for hand analysis.

I don't regret anything I've done, but I sure wish I'd discovered hand analysis earlier. It gives me such a clear lens to understand myself and those  around me."

Check out Jena's hand analysis blog and weekly Earth School interviews and classes with Richard Unger

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