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?Soul Psychology from Hand Analysis

Soul Psychology is a model for understanding a person's core nature and differs markedly from standard psychology. As a matter of fact, perhaps the easiest way to define Soul Psychology is to start with what it is not. Soul Psychology is not a method of analyzing personality, character or temperament; it is not a list of strengths and weaknesses. It is something much deeper.

As evolving spiritual beings inhabiting a physical form, every person chooses a personality and physical identity as a vehicle of expression. Psychology and any number of psychological profiling systems can help an individual to understand and better integrate personality and ego functions. This can be quite useful, even life altering. However, psychological profiling does not ask the question: what is the purpose of this lifetime? That is the province of Soul Psychology. What is your Life Purpose? What are your Life Lessons? What would make you feel this has been a life well lived, that you have not wasted your time on this planet? Good questions, Soul Psychology questions.

Your Soul Psychology was marked on your body as fingerprints five months before you were born. Like an acorn containing within it a picture of the oak tree it may someday become, your fingerprints have a coded picture of your highest self-actualization possibility. Again, this is not the same as a list of your best attributes. Very often, a person's Life Purpose is not in an area of strength.

For instance, I recently read the hands of a man who was extremely successful in business. He came in for a reading because he felt something was missing but couldn't put his finger on it. His fingerprints revealed the Life Purpose: Successful Artist. Success but not in his creativity or creativity without being paid for it; either of these scenarios would not make him feel on track. He reported that he had considered a more creative career path years ago, but life intruded, he got busy and his creative side had faded into the background.

"Follow your creativity" is easy enough to say to anyone, but for this individual, Life Purpose satisfaction depended upon it. "But what if I can't make a living at my artistry?" "Good question. You may not be as skilled at your art as you are in business. And even if it turns out you are skilled, that alone is no guarantee of material success. We all know 'starving artists' who are great at what they do yet wait tables to make ends meet. But consider this: if you don't pursue your creativity and you get to the Gates of Heaven (whatever that means to you) without having given it a try, how would you feel then?"

This then is the essence of Soul Psychology. It is about what can fill that hunger for meaning deep in the core of our being. Personality psychology can help one become a better person, improve behavior and outcomes; but it is Soul Psychology that engages us at the soul level and challenges each of us to live the life we came to live. And it is the Soul Psychology Map imbedded in our fingerprints before our birth that is the real gift that hand analysis offers.

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