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?Life Purpose: Lone Tree on the Plain / Selfless Service

By Richard Unger.

Reprinted from the Hand Analysis Newsletter Vol. 3 Issue 3

This is one of the most perplexing and paradoxical of Life Purposes; but if done well, it can also be one of the most rewarding. The delicious dilemma of it all is that owners of this fingerprint chart are required to achieve total selflessness by first immersing themselves in total selfishness. Regardless of your combination of fingerprints, perhaps there is something to learn in looking at how this life path unfurls itself.

Self Immersion

For those with ten whorls, this lifetime is devoted to mastering the skills associated with Service consciousness. Since Service is the Life Purpose, by definition, the greatest pleasure in life is to do for others; but first they must learn the true meaning of Service.

For this reason, many on this life path do not start out being Service oriented; quite the contrary. In most cases, those with ten whorls start out in life being self-absorbed. As a matter of fact, they are the kings and queens of self-absorption. Driven to fulfill their personal desires, the needs of others tend to fall into the background. There is nothing wrong with this. For instance, to make the Olympic diving team a person would certainly need enormous self-focus. "Sorry guys, I can't go out with you for Pizza tonight. I'm in training."

Other careers and pursuits also require a "self" centered approach that does not need to be mean or petty, or any of the other things we tend to think of in association with self centeredness. So, step one on this life path is, most commonly, ego immersion.

Personal Desire and the Spiritual Path

Although driven by their personal desires, others with these fingerprints fight against step one, resisting the urge to pursue their own needs. It is as if they have read the final chapter of their book, and seeing that the objective is Service for others, they wish to skip the steps necessary to arrive at the final destination. For those in this subset of the Selfless Service training program, their life becomes a quest to find their real nature.

Not quite ready for their Life Purpose to flower, attempts at Service from this vantage point inevitably lead to suppressed desires and burdensome obligation. Not in touch with their deepest self, the raw recruit in the Service Training errs by attempting to become something they are not. So powerful is the illusion, some hold on tightly for decades, becoming a player in someone else's movie. (Regardless of your fingerprint combination, this dichotomy: the urge to serve versus the call of selfishness is a common enough theme for all of us on our spiritual journey.)

A Law Unto Themselves

However, the larger number of those in this training have passed this phase already. They do not have to learn the cost of inappropriate self-denial. Their own desires are uppermost in their thoughts. Following the beat of their own drummer, those with ten whorl fingerprints have been known since early times as the most individualistic of all types. They are a law unto themselves.

This is entirely in keeping with the soul's objective for this lifetime. The personality must fully express its individualistic nature, with nothing held back, before the inclination towards true Service will come forward. Allow me a little story for explanation sake. If your belief system differs, remember it is only a story for the purpose of illustration.

At the Gates of Heaven

Imagine, if you will, a highly evolved being who has just completed a life of great Service. From a position of high achievement, they had dedicated their life to the common good. Now, at the Gates of Heaven, they stand waiting for their resume to be read, absolutely convinced they will gain entry to the highest levels available. Instead, they are shocked to find they are not allowed through the gates.

It is explained to them as follows: "Your good works have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. Your are highly respected for all that you have accomplished and how much you have done for others, not only in this last lifetime, but in many other of your lifetimes as well. However, it has also been noted, that in all these lifetimes of Service, you have always asserted great self-denial and control.

See this lifetime here, back in the sixteenth century when you were a priest; then here again a century later when you toiled in the fields so as to give your children a chance for a better life, and here again...No need to go into every possible detail. The fact is you have always pushed aside your own needs to help others. Not that this is a bad thing to do. It has gotten you this far, all the way to the Gates of Heaven.

The Ultimate Test

But to get through the Gates, there is one last test we have devised for you. It is the ultimate test, but you have shown much promise and we feel you are ready. For this last test, it is your assignment to return to physical form without any constraints on yourself. That's right. Here is your chance to indulge all the appetites you have suppressed throughout all these lifetimes.

What's that? If you have to return, you prefer again to be of Service to others. No need to indulge your personal appetites. Apparently, we have not been making ourselves clear. You are not being asked to express your desires as a reward for good deeds, you are being asked to express your personal desires because Heaven wants Servers who are individualistic, Servers who are in touch with their own desires and have no need to suppress them; Servers who do not Serve because they think it is the right thing to do, but Serve with distinction because it is the fullest expression of their personal desire: Servers with character.

The Paradox

It is a great paradox that you must learn the value of selfishness before you can be accepted to the society of selfless ones.

So go, find your individualistic nature, express that nature to the fullest degree of your power; and when you find that nature shifting of its own accord, when you have eaten your tenth ice cream cone and no longer have to use self control to keep yourself from eating another, at that time step out of your own way and allow your truest nature to surface, the nature at the core of your being. Knowing you as we do, we feel confident that what will emerge is a Master of Service. And know, that your power for Service will be multiplied because not even one percent of you will be busy monitoring yourself to make sure you are doing the right thing."

I hope you have been able to follow my story. Once again, if your belief system differs, translate back into your own. The point here is that in order to make progress on this life path, ten whorlers must follow their individualistic nature to the nth degree, after which they can expect a natural emergence of a Service orientation that yields personal fulfillment. That is where their AHHHHH condition can be attained: through Service to humanity. But again the caveat: if they attempt their Service before completing the "self"ish phase, they are bound for either burdensome obligation, or the Big Gaping Hole (life without meaning or purpose.)

The Selfless Service Life Purpose is fulfilled when they can truly say they are doing exactly what they want to do every day, that no personal desire is being suppressed, and their life is one of true Service. No matter which combination of fingerprints you have, this life path holds an interesting mirror for each of us to gaze upon.st, and I'm eager to hear from others who share my view.