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?The Fingerprints of God (and other important things)

By Richard Unger.

Reprinted from the Hand Analysis Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 2

It's not every day one is so lucky. I mean, to get to see the fingerprints of God, WOW, what a privilege. Of course, it is not as if I haven't seen VIP hands before. Why, just the other day, Stevens Spielberg's hands were in the newspaper. I took my best magnifying glass to the photo, but alas, the resolution was too grainy and his fingerprints weren't visible. But even had I been more fortunate, Spielberg (rumors to the contrary) is not God.

For years I had wished on countless stars for JFK's fingerprints and was finally rewarded earlier this month (more on JFK's fingerprints in the next newsletter). Perhaps God, duly noting the elevation of my good behavior to celestial proportions, was granting my request plus a bonus. In any event, praise the Lord and pass the black-eyed peas. Revelation! Off with the holy gloves! God him/her/itself is ready to show the Earth the cosmic fingerprints.

How do I know this? Easy. I read it in the May edition of Discover Magazine.

The Magnificent Mission

I promise I am not making this up. Flying into Houston Intercontinental Airport, delighting in my good fortune at being bumped up to a first class seat (God must really have been on my side that day), I read with amazement the article in Discover (May, 2000, page 44) titled "The Magnificent Mission." It will take a few paragraphs before I get to the part about the fingerprints of God, so hang in there.

According to the standard model of The Beginning Of The Universe (Science 101), the universe began (along with time and space) in a fireball about twelve to twenty billion years ago. Originally a zillionth of an inch and a godzillion degrees, the universe rapidly expanded and cooled, the irregularities of the original glob later congealing into the galaxies we can observe today in our telescopes. Although the space between the galaxies is incredibly cold, the 2.7 degrees above absolute zero found in all directions of space is thought to be the left over heat from the Big Bang. In six months, a NASA mission (the Microwave Anisotropy Probe - MAP) will measure this radiation to a precision never before possible.

If successful, the MAP Satellite will answer some of science's big questions: what is the exact age of the observable universe? How will the universe come to its end? Is the universe infinite? What shape does the universe take?

The Fingerprints of God

To understand how a human invention could possibly yield such a mind boggling harvest, we have to go back to the beginning. For 300,000 years after the Big Bang, the universe was a frothy soup of super hot electrons, protons and neutrons; an opaque cloud too hot for atoms to form. But just like the change of water to ice, when the temperature of the universe got just cool enough, a phase transition occurred. Atoms formed and photons (light) scattered in all directions, filling space and causing snow on your old black and white TV set.

Quoting Discovery Magazine:

"As strange as it may seem, cosmologists believe that before the primordial fog cleared, before light could travel unhindered through space, sound waves [that may have originated in the first instant of the universe's life] reverberated freely throughout the universeThe entire universe rang like a bell.

By looking at temperature patterns in the microwave radiation, [MAP] will reconstruct the precise size and shape of the primordial sound wave.

It's almost like you had waves propagating in a pond, and all of a sudden the pond froze and the pattern of waves stayed thereIf COBE [an earlier NASA probe of the same type] glimpsed God, MAP will see the deity's fingerprints." (italics mine)

As Above, So Below

A frozen wave energy imprint visible in the Heavens, like seeing God's fingerprints: what an interesting parallel to our own fingerprints frozen in time from five months prior to our birth. Once again, the macrocosm mirrors the microcosm mirrors the macrocosm.

Over twenty years ago, reading Fingerprints, Palms, and Soles by Drs. Cummins and Midlo, I had a MAP moment. Cummins is commonly referred to as the father of dermatoglyphics (fingerprint analysis by medical and other researchers) and his seminal work had finally arrived by Library loan from Tulsa, Okla. Excited as I was, I didn't realize the contents of this book would change my life forever.

We all know that fingerprints are unique and unalterable. What I learned that day was that when fingerprints form they create a topographic-like map showing the size and shape of the fetus' thumb, finger, and palmar mounds sixteen weeks after conception.

A permanent topographic map! Half of hand analysis is comparative topography (large areas representing traits in abundance; small areas, the reverse). If this map followed the same rules as the rest of the hand (and it turned out it did), decoding the fingerprint map would reveal the original ingredients of its owner. Having the ingredients list, we could infer just what kind of pie one were trying to bake, and by comparing this map to the current one, we could see just how baked a person is today.

The Frozen Wave Energy Imprint

So, now we have a blueprint to compare with today's hands. But to understand the fuller significance of fingerprints, we have to look at the other half of hand analysis: the lines.

Fingerprints lines have stops and starts, forks and spurs; seven easily classifiable 'pattern minutiae' known to all law enforcement agencies. But it is not just fingerprints so marked.

"Inanimate nature is not lacking in similar illustrations. Sand, whipped by wind or waves, [some cloud formations,] may show ridges conforming with surprising exactness to the characteristics of epidermal ridges...The forces concerned may prove to have more in common than the mere outward resemblance of their effects." (Cummins, page 36)

Ripple patterns at the beach, the ridge formation of sand dunes: both preserve the imprint of their creation. The builders of the MAP satellite are counting on the same effect to map the universe's creation imprint; "to read the deity's fingerprints." Can human fingerprints be looked at in the same light? Absolutely!

Five months before we are born a wave energy imprint pattern appeared on our bodies, a high frequency wave energy imprint containing within it a picture of the person we are capable of becoming. Call it soul energy, holographic imprinting, or DNA. Whatever. This map contains the key to our reason for being: our Life Purpose. And, if there is one thing I have learned in the last twenty plus years, knowing your Life Purpose will change your life.

Staring at the red streaked cloud banks outside the airplane window, checking my own fingerprints for the umpteenth time, contemplating the fingerprints of God: I think I'm getting hungry. "Excuse me, flight attendant? Can I have some more nuts please? Thank you."