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By Alana

I am interpreting he hands of a fellow practitioner of one of the healing arts. He is a gentle sort, gracious and supportive; he offers me none of the resistance or skepticism that casts into stone the faces of so many of my clients at the outset of their first readings. His eyes are probing, his expression sincere. I can see how intent he is on finding answers.

The open hands before me are especially anxious to reveal facts. Many clear, deeply incised lines tell their tales and, as I translate these tales back to the client, his hands register subtle shifts of color; pinkness deepens in a specific area, then moves to another. His fingers close protectively when I mention that emotional connectedness may not come easily to him. They open again, cautiously, as I suggest that a good deal of progress has been made in his capacity for feelings.

"One of the things that may make life seem difficult at times," I told him, "is that you have so many qualities to choose from!" He nods in knowing agreement. His hands contain markings of significant giftedness in three areas: leadership, creativity, and intuition. He intimates that he understands but avoids his leadership proclivities, has left the career that depended on his creativity, and has taken up another that demands the use of intuition.

"Among your abilities, the one that means the most to you is your creativity," I tell hem. "Not only do you have in your hand a sizeable 'Star of Apollo,' which the old palmists deemed to be 'Fame and Fortune in the Arts,' but your fingerprints identify you life purpose as 'Creativity in the World.'

"But," he protests, "I feel now that my work with people's personal growth is right for me, and I've never had any talent whatsoever for drawing or painting or anything like that."

"When you and I think of creativity," I explain, "we may be trained to think in standard terms such as painting, music, and poetry. But the hands suggest a much broader picture: that we can do ANYTHING creatively, individualistically. I'll bet if we look at the way you conduct your business we'll find that you are an artist among healers." Spurred on by his posture of recognition and agreement, I add, "In this day of pressure and demand for change, your responsiveness and resourcefulness might keep you one step ahead. You may find yourself required to step into a position of leadership."

Here is someone who has turned difficult personal experiences into inner awareness in a way that enables him to aid others in contacting their own best means of growth. While his major source of satisfaction will always be in the area of creative expression, with his gifts for leadership and intuition, he has a potent combination of talents to use in helping people heal themselves. It is no small responsibility to use them all appropriately.