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?Loops: The Realationship Trail

By Alana

In my experience, the most commonly seen fingerprint is the loop. I have seven of these myself; even the other three fingerprints are 50% loops. This should make me nearly an expert on the subject.

What is the subject of loops? Feelings. Feelings are important to every human being, with or without loops, but to anyone whose hands contain this mark, emotional connectedness has special significance, If there are seven or more loops out of a possible ten, there is and always will be an emphasis in life on coming in contact with joy, love, anger, fear, sadness, and all the variables among them. If we resist, we manifest any number of symptoms of emotional imbalance, such as depression, free-floating anxiety, insensitivity, or sentimentality. The loop is the symbol of an ideal condition of complete acceptance of our full range of feelings or unconditional self-love. Self-love translates to love of others.

Maybe loops are emblematic of our times or of our society. Perhaps during other periods or in other social climates, other themes - and other fingerprints - predominate. But it would seem reasonable that the organism of our world is in various stages and degrees of contacting its feeling components. The human parts might be looked at as holograms: are we working towards a world more embracing of its feelings, more unconditionally accepting of its own nature?

In my own experience of counteracting resistance to feelings, a good deal of pain had to be undergone before the resistance could be overwhelmed. Then, engulfed in the obvious, I would be forced to acknowledge that part of myself which I had denied. A most wonderful, radiant love ensued. In my own evolution into feelings, I found myself moving out of comparative isolation into a sense of relationship with others.

Some people have as many as ten loops among their fingerprints. It sometimes comes as a relief to such people to discover that their mission in life is to develop relationships. They may have seen all around them others whose careers are well established, while they may flit from job to job. The key here is that it doesn't matter what the nature of the work is, so long as there are relationship skills to be gained. And relationship skills are founded in feelings; emotional connectedness.

And so it goes with the planet. When there is emotional connection, there are free-flowing feelings. When there are free-flowing feelings, there is unconditional love. When there is love, there is harmony. When there is harmony, there is peace.

When there is no peace, there is unrest, there is war, which engulfs us in the obvious. [This article was written during the Gulf War of 1991.]